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Updated:  Janary 10, 2005

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Tips for Responding to Job Advertisements:

  • Tell us your name! Preferably your first AND last. Also tell us how to get in contact with you via phone, USPS address, etc.
  • If you are going to use a public email service (i.e. yahoo), don't let your mailbox fill up so we cannot respond to you.  If your  resume and background meet our requirements, DFA's will contact you, so if you do not hear back from us, you've probably filled-up the quota for your inbox.
  • Put a subject line in your email.  i.e. what position(s) you are applying for rather than something like "Resume of John Doe". You will reduce the amount of pre-screening time by telling us what position you feel you are qualified for.
  • If you hold a degree, please state when and where you received that degree.
  • Send a resume! (with preferably a cover paragraph/letter).
  • Don't send a cover letter and ask prospective employers to request a resume from you - just send your resume. We will need to see your detailed skill set.
  • Don't send a URL of where we can get your resume. Sometimes your security keeps us out of your website and we cannot view it.
  • Don't put your resume in PDF or HTML format - use MS Word or a text file. Some of our Web-based response systems require we cut and paste sections of your resume into them.
  • On your resume, identify the geographic locations along with the companies you've worked at.
  • Keep your resume to a maximum of 3-4 pages. The most significant things you have done that we are interested in probably have taken place in the past five years.
  • Avoid presumptuous statements like "I'm THE best" or "I AM the perfect person for this position . Please allow us to make that determination.
  • Avoid unprofessional statements like "that was the slickest software you've ever seen" or "whoohoo, I can do this job".
  • If you are applying for an out-of-town position, please state whether you will relocate, AND… if our ad states there is no relocation assistance, whether you are willing to take that financial responsibility.
  • If you suspect you are working with another firm for the same position, please tell us! The typical result is YOU will be the one to lose. Regardless of your qualifications, our clients typically will not even proceed if they see your resume presented by multiple companies for the same position.
  • Tell us your work status. If you are working on some kind of work Visa, for example (i.e. H1B), please be upfront about that.