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Updated:  March 26, 2006

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DFA Consulting, Inc.
15851 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 500

Addison, Texas 75001
(972) 450-6555 ~ fax (972) 450-6505
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DFA Consulting, Inc., a full-service consulting firm, was founded in 1985.   Our satisfied clients include Fortune 1000 corporations in the manufacturing, communications, oil and gas, banking and transportation industries.   We specialize exclusively in Information Technology and related areas.  We serve a variety of platforms centered on mainframe, client server and web development.  DFA Consulting, Inc. is a results-oriented company committed to building lasting partnerships with our clients.  DFA is dedicated to quality service and to matching the right individuals to our clients’ environment.  We have many longstanding relationships because of our dedication to our clients’ satisfaction.

We have provided all levels of expertise including management, planning, development, testing, implementation, operation, documentation, and training.  Over this period, we have developed lasting partnerships with our clients that have withstood mergers, reorganizations and changing technology.  Our ability to stay in tune with an ever changing market and our willingness to help our client succeed in finding the right professionals for their environment have kept us the vendor of choice during periods of growth and downsizing for our clients.

DFA Consulting is committed to diversity in the work place.  We monitor our own compliance with federal guidelines and work closely with our clients to help them meet their guidelines to ensure diversity in the workplace.

DFA Consulting is dedicated to equal opportunity employment regardless of race, creed, national origin, religious beliefs, age, or gender.